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Are you a visionary entrepreneur with an innovative startup seeking the necessary capital to turn your dreams into reality?

Look no further! Jharkhand Angels is here to help you embark on your journey to success. We are a renowned investors company providing strategic funding and support to promising startup firms with exceptional potential.

Why Us

Why Choose Jharkhand Angels for Funding


Experienced Investor Network

At Jharkhand Angels, we have a vast network of seasoned investors who are eager to support promising startups. Our investors come from diverse backgrounds and industries, offering a wealth of knowledge and connections to propel your startup forward.


Tailored Funding Solutions

We understand that each startup is unique, and so are their financial requirements. Our funding solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs, whether it's seed funding, growth capital, or additional rounds of funding.


Strategic Guidance

Beyond financial support, Jharkhand Angels provides valuable strategic guidance to startups. Our team of experts will work closely with you, offering insights and expertise to help navigate challenges and make informed decisions.


Wide Industry Focus

We believe in the power of innovation across various industries. Whether you're in technology, healthcare, finance, or any other sector, if your startup exhibits promise, we are eager to explore the possibilities of funding and collaboration.

Our Process

Our Evaluation Process

Securing funding with Jharkhand Angels involves a transparent and rigorous evaluation process to identify the most promising startups.

Initial Screening

Submit your application, and we will conduct an initial review to assess the viability and potential of your startup. This step is crucial in determining whether your business aligns with our investment objectives.

Founder Interaction

Shortlisted startups will have the opportunity for a telephonic or in-person meeting with our team. This interaction will allow us to delve deeper into your team capabilities, experience, product stage/type, business proposition, and market opportunity.

Final Selection Round

A select few startups will progress to the final round, where they will present their ideas to our esteemed steering committee. The committee comprises seasoned investors, corporate technology heads, and government representatives who will evaluate the startups' potential and suitability for funding

Success stories

Already Funded Startup

Explore the inspiring journey of Companies as they scaled new heights, expanding their operations and achieving unprecedented success in their industry.

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If you believe your startup has the potential to revolutionize the market and create a lasting impact, don’t hesitate to apply for funding with Jharkhand Angels. We welcome innovative ideas and passionate entrepreneurs ready to make a difference. 

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