Designed to cultivate synergistic collaborations that drive mentorship, investment, and collective growth for startups across the region

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Welcome to the Incubation Program at Jharkhand Angels!

Our Partner Program is designed to foster collaboration, drive innovation, and create a thriving ecosystem for startups, investors, and industry experts. At Jharkhand Angels, we believe that working together amplifies our impact and paves the way for remarkable achievements.

Fueling innovation through collaboration

In a world where innovation is the lifeblood of progress, collaboration emerges as the driving force. Our Partner Program stands as a testament to the belief that when minds unite, innovation flourishes. By joining hands with Jharkhand Angels, you become an integral part of an ecosystem that values synergy, knowledge exchange, and collective achievement.

Through the Partner Program, we invite you to become an architect of change, a catalyst of progress, and a champion of innovation. 

Why Partner with us

What we are looking forward to

If you are a startup based in a smaller Indian town or city and are striving to address prevailing challenges in your area, we invite you to join our Incubation Program. Together, let’s unlock your potential, drive innovation, and create a positive change that leaves a lasting impact on your community.

Expand Your Reach

By partnering with Jharkhand Angels, you gain access to our extensive network of startups, investors, and mentors. This exposure opens doors to new opportunities and potential collaborations across various industries.

Support Innovation

Join us in supporting and nurturing innovation in smaller Indian towns and cities. Your partnership contributes to fostering entrepreneurship and economic growth in regions that hold immense potential.

Access to Startups

As a partner, you'll have the chance to connect with promising startups that align with your industry or expertise. This gives you the first-mover advantage to explore strategic partnerships, investments, or other forms of collaboration.

Our Partner Program Offers

What you'll get from us

Networking Events

Engage with startups, investors, and industry experts through our exclusive...

Networking Events

Engage with startups, investors, and industry experts through our exclusive networking events. These gatherings provide a platform to exchange ideas, share experiences, and forge meaningful connections.

Collaborative Workshops

Participate in workshops that focus on industry trends, challenges and opportunities...

Collaborative Workshops

Participate in workshops that focus on industry trends, challenges, and opportunities. Contribute your insights and expertise to help startups navigate their journey more effectively.


Our shortlisted startups receive an immensely valuable kit filled with tech...


Showcase your brand and expertise to a diverse audience within our ecosystem. Gain visibility through our website, events, and promotional materials, highlighting your commitment to driving innovation.

Investment Opportunities

Discover potential investment prospects among the startups we incubate. Partnering with...

Investor Connects

From seed capital to growth capital, the Incubate Program at Jharkhand Angels helps startups in the program raise funds from a wide range of investors, including angels, micro VCs, VCs, and Government funds. Our network of investors supports startups at different stages of their growth journey.

Unleash your business's potential. Start growing today with our expert guidance!

How to Join

Our trusted partners in business growth

Partnering with Jharkhand Angels is a simple yet impactful process. Reach out to us through the provided contact information, and our  team will connect with you to discuss collaboration opportunities that align with your goals and expertise.

Join our Partner Program and become an integral part of our mission to empower startups, encourage entrepreneurship, and make a lasting impact on local communities. Together, let’s shape a brighter future through innovation and collaboration.

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